Kart Specifications

Promo Karts- Go Kart Specs


Recommended for Adults and Children 12 and up

For off-road use only, not street legal (Parades Only).

Not designed for racing or rental tracks.

Always wear an approved helmet and eye protection when riding!
Read manufacturer's supplied materials before operating!

ENGINE: 4.5 HP - 4 cycle gas engine with recoil start standard. (Optional 6 HP Recoil , 6 HP Electric Start (no Charging System) and 7.0 HP Electric Start with Charging System

BODY: Replica fiberglass body in various colors.
Standard Colors are: Black, Blue, Navy, Green, White

Red, Orange, Yellow and Pink have a small additional charge

TIRES: 4:10 x 3:50 x 6 tires and tube with mountable steel rims and sealed bearing hubs. Certain models use different tire sizes.
Antique cars have a thinner tire and spoke wheel to match style.

CHASSIS: Precision jig welded all steel chassis painted black with extra-strength steel tubing.

CLUTCH: Fully automatic centrifugal clutch with #41 chain drive sprocket and 6:1 gear reductions,
or optional belt driven torque converter.

Custom Vinyl replica multi-color graphics using state of the art computers and printing equipment
(in house).

HUBCAPS: Specially made rims allow for custom made, durable, carbon plastic hub caps on most models.

SAFETY SWITCH: Driver operated safety on-off switch. Also, foot operated safety throttle
and brake controls.

BRAKES: 4" Band or Disc Brakes are installed on rear axle and pedal operated in front by a
connecting straight rod. Optional Disc Brake Available.

CRATE SIZE: Length: 99" - Wth: 44" - Hght: 30" - Wgt: 320" Weight can vary.
Monster Truck, Antique Cars and Semis are larger.

SHIPPING: All orders will be shipped Paid in Advance. Gas powered mini-car are shipped common carrier. All specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.



All orders are FOB and amount
will vary depending on destination. 
Karts are crated when shipped.
Crated Specifications: Basic Karts
crate size 100" long  44" wide 31" tall
Shipping weight  320 lbs

Crate Specifications:  Semi, Fire Truck, Semi Trailers
Crate size 100" long  44" wide 49" tall
Shipping weight  423 lbs


Promo Karts USA, Inc. is the Manufacturer and sole distributor of our karts.  We are not affiliated with in any way with Go-Karts USA or any other Go Kart supplier.


Available Kart Options

Engine Upgrades

6.0 H.P. Recoil Start (No Charging System)

6.0 H.P. Electric (No Charging System)

7.0 H.P. Electric Start (With Charging System)

Options Available with 7.0 H.P. Engine

Head Lights

Semi Marker Lights/Tail Lights

Semi Trailer Lights/Tail Lights

LED Lights

Chrome Trim for Lights

Standard Car Horn

Semi Air Horn

Oogah Horn

Fire Truck Horn/Siren

Dixie Musical Horn

Trickle Charge System

Up Grades

Tires:  Slick, 15" Turf, Saw Tooth

Disc Brakes (Requires Live Axel)

Hub Caps

Custom Paint

Custom Metallic Gel Coat

Custom Graphics

Gear Reduction Unit (Requires Live Axel)

Torque Converter (Requires Live Axel)

Lap Belt

3 Point Seat Belt

Up-Right Bar

Throttle Stop

Live Axel

Mud Flaps (Semi Truck &/or Trailer)


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